Why a food journal is the most effective weight loss tool, and 11 things to track every day. — PLAN A HEALTHY LIFE

Did you know a food journal is the most effective weight loss tool? Here are 11 things you can track in your journal every day: 1. Date and weight 2. Hours of sleep 3. Daily challenges (and your plan to overcome them) 4. Time of your meals and snacks 5. Exactly what you ate (and how much) See the blog post for all 11 items if you need a little help reaching your weight loss goals. #FoodJournal

35 Keto Casserole Recipes (Low Carb Keto Comfort Food)

The best low carb keto casserole recipes! This collection of 35 easy dinners has it all! Keto casseroles with ground beef & chicken to Mexican inspired, shrimp, & vegetarian! THE best keto comfort foods on the planet! If you’re looking for keto Christmas recipes to keep up your weight loss during the holidays you need these recipes! Perfect for meal prep & fabulous make-ahead meals! #ketorecipes